In every business, it is a necessity to promote. This will generate customers and importantly sales. Managers always present ideas to make promotions for the business. But what are the effective ways? In promoting a business it is very important to follow the trend today. Effective promotion needs to be strategized and planned ahead of time.

Custom coffee mugs are one of the best ways to promote your business. Whether you own a salon, bakery, coffee shop or provide service such as financial or accounting, you always want your customers to know your brand name and a reminder that they can approach your business anytime they need your service. You can always go for the media promotion, or the use of billboard or newspaper but these types of advertisement costs money. Investing in custom coffee mugs is strategic and effective. It is ideal to give out in conventions, programs and concerts because it is very handy and very useful. We always look for cost-effective ways to advertise our business.



There are a lot of things you can personalise like coffee mugs or cups or water bottles. Personalised mugs, personalised drink bottle or custom coffee mugs are just few of the things always used for businesses trying to boost their popularity. Why? Here are the reasons why:

  1. STANDING OUT. You will always have competition in whatever business you take. It is always important to stand out and custom coffee mugs or personalised drink bottle and mugs will give you that edge among other company. This will also give a good first impression to possible customers that will surely last.
  2. CREATE LOYAL CUSTOMERS. Statistics says that loyal customers are a product of effective promotional items and also gaining new ones. Custom coffee mugs are an everyday use item which makes it great, you are always advertised inside homes. They achieve repeated brand awareness.
  3. GIFTS. Personalised drink bottles or mugs are great gift ideas. It is much more meaningful and always has that personal connection. In business they great award prizes, it will create that sense of importance to a lot of customers and that is what we need to create more loyal customers and bring in more.

There are more than 3 benefits of having mugs, cups or drink bottles as a promotional item. It is always about publicity; the more the company is exposed to the public the more it generates customers and sales. Advertising must be cost-effective which we provide here.



NINJA COFFEE CUP. A 350 ml double walled stainless steel vacuum cup with secure screw lid and flip up tab with silicone seal. Keep drinks hot or cold for up to 6 hours. BPA free. Reusable and sustainable through waste reduction. Comes in colours White, Orange, Red, Light Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Silver.

KICK CUP ECO / SILICONE BAND. A 320 ml reusable coffee cup made from 50/50 blend of wheat fibre and BPA polypropylene. Includes hear resilient silicone sleeve and screw on lid. Reusable and sustainable through waste reduction. Comes in colours different colours for the flip lid and sleeve.

CASCADE COFFEE CUP. A curved 320 ml double wall vacuum cup modern design. Keeps drinks hot or cold for about 3 hours. Splash proof cover. BPA free stainless steel. Reusable and sustainable through waste reduction. Comes in colours White, Orange, Red, Light Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Silver, Black.

custom coffee mugs

STAINLESS STELL COFFEE MUG WITH LID. A 300 ml stainless steel double walled laser engrave mug with lid.

custom coffee mugs

DOUBLE WALLED COFFEE SET. 2 piece coffee glass set in gift box. 200ml double wall glasses packed in a black gift box. Laser engraved. Comes with a decoration metal plate withG1672 espresso glass set as compliments.


There are still a lot of products available and different. Every item can personalised with different styles, design methods and materials used.


A morning is not complete without a cup of coffee or tea. It is almost a daily routine. A cup coffee can make the difference between a good or bad day. Everyone has their own favourite cup to enjoy their hot or cold beverage. A personalised coffee mug or cup will definitely be the best way to enjoy it with. A personalised drink bottle is also a good investment especially in team sports as it shows uniformity and discipline among the players. It creates that intimidation for other teams as well. To make your imagination come to life you need to look for a company who prioritizes the customers need first along with quality service. Here in our company we provide top quality service with top quality products because we care about every product we make. We make sure that every product we make is what the customers want us to make. Every product is cost-effective and will surely be the start of a good investment.