There are many ways to stand out from the completion. But one of the fun ways to do it is through custom promotional products or personalised products. They’re an excellent way to attract new customers and generate revenue without having to spend too much money on advertising.

However, custom branded products come with disadvantages and advantages. In this article, you’ll learn what custom promotional products are, and their pros and cons. You’ll also receive a guide that will help you make an educated decision about whether or not it is worth the investment for your business.

What are Custom Promotional Products

Custom promotional products are a cost-effective way to generate revenue. They can be used as part of your company’s marketing strategy and help expand the customer base with minimal expense.

When you give people custom promotional products, they become more receptive to the message printed on them. Also, it costs far less money than any other type of advertising. Let’s talk more about its pros and cons below.

Advantages of Investing in Custom Promotional Products

Investing in custom promotional products offer many benefits. See if any of them fits with you and your business needs. Read them below:

#1 Custom promotional products are more effective than traditional advertising.

Traditional advertising is expensive, and it usually falls on deaf ears. Custom promotional products offer a more personal touch with the recipient.

This may increase their interest, which in turn increases awareness of your business or brand.

Customers will also take home these custom promotional items as convenient reminders to help them remember you until they need your services again.

#2 Promotional items are often used as giveaways at trade shows and conferences.

Custom promotional products are a great way to increase the value of trade show booths that do not have any added features.

Trade shows can be expensive, and custom items are often overlooked in comparison with other ways companies spend their money on these events.

However, they offer an excellent opportunity for your company to stand out from others with a generic giveaway.

#3 You can create custom merchandise for a company event or a holiday party.

Custom promotional products can be used to show appreciation for the hard work of employees or sponsors.

You may also want to provide them with a company logo item as an investment in their loyalty and continued support.

Employees will take home these custom branded items to remind themselves that they are part of a team, which will often make them more productive in their work.

#4 Personalised gifts help customers feel valued, appreciated, appreciated and cared about.

Custom branded products are the perfect way to show your customers that you care about them, and this feeling is a great encouragement for repeat business.

Disadvantages of Investing in Custom Promotional Products

Every marketing effort has its own advantages and disadvantages. To assess whether custom branded products are perfect for your business, the first step would be to identify where your business is, and its needs. Then, reflect if custom promotional products fit these needs.

#1 The design process can be time-consuming.

This process can be more time-consuming than it may seem. You have to take into account the design, production and distribution of custom promotional products.

Due to this additional work, you’ll need a team who will dedicate their time to these tasks. That’s why many companies prefer hiring external designers who are specialized in product promotion or branding.

An additional tip, if you’re a start-up thinking about adding your own logo. Make sure to finalize the design before producing hundreds and thousands of custom branded products.

#2 Manufacturing and shipping may take a long time.

It could take from two weeks to six months for some custom promotional products to be ready. This is one of the main disadvantages since you’ll have a longer delay before seeing your investment turn into profits.

Even more, some suppliers ask their clients not only to pay for these services but also to cover shipping expenses and import taxes, too.

To counter this, you may opt for partnering with providers who are known for their quality and fast turn-around time.

#3 Customers may not like the design you choose for them.

This is not necessarily a disadvantage, but it’s worth mentioning. You may believe you have the perfect logo or design for your personalised products to be successful, but there’s no guarantee that customers will agree with you.

For this reason, consider investing in marketing tools like custom promotional items as well and spread them among friends and family members to get third-party feedback.

#4 Promotional items with logos on them can become dated.

If you think of rebranding in the future,  you’ll find yourself in a difficult position if the current logo is on promotional products. This can cause confusion for your customers and potential loss of brand equity, which will make it harder to rebrand down the line.

Should You Invest in Custom Promotional Products? 

The decision to invest in custom promotional products highly depends on your marketing and business goals.

If a company is looking to increase their name recognition by spreading branded items, then custom promotional products are worth investing in because they will be able to reach more people than other means of advertising would allow.

Assess its advantages and disadvantages. See if its benefits are able to solve your challenges as a business. Also, assess if the disadvantages will affect your company’s growth over time.

Ready to Invest in Custom Promotional Products?

Custom promotional products offer many benefits that can help you grow your business. Investing in them can be a worthy decision that could give many returns such as a cost-effective and unique way to create brand awareness.

Are you ready to add custom promotional products to your business’ arsenal? If yes, then send us a message now.