Any company that wants to increase its sales will eventually need to invest in custom promotional items.

Custom promotional items are a great way for your company to reach out and attract new customers while enhancing the experience of current ones.

One of the best things about custom promotional products is just how customizable they are. But there’s one thing you need to remember. You need to match your custom promotional items to the season. And now that winter’s coming, this article will reveal some of the best winter custom promotional items for you!  

What is custom promotional items

Custom promotional items are custom-made products that can be used as a marketing tool. They may be personalized and branded, or unbranded. Examples of custom promotional items include company mugs, t-shirts, pens, totes, cups and coasters.

Custom promotional items have been around since the 1800s when the door to door salesmen would give out free gifts with purchase in order to encourage store owners to buy more from them.  Today custom promotional items serve the same purpose. They’re given away for free by businesses (usually advertisers) in hopes of promoting their brand and increasing purchases.  

Why custom promotional items are important

Custom promotional items are important during winter because they can be custom-made to fit the customer’s needs. Wintertime provides some unique needs that custom promotional items can help with.  

Matching your custom promotional items with the season helps keep your items relevant and practical. Relevant and practical items are often used, and your customers will feel grateful to receive them.

For example, if it’s for the winter season, you might choose custom fleeces or custom beanies or coffee mugs. It really depends on what your brand is all about!

Winter Ideas for Your Custom Promotional Items

If you’re confused about the best promotional items for the winter, here are some ideas.  Read through the list below and discover what type of winter promo products would work best for your company:

Custom blankets

Custom blankets may be perfect for any occasion, but they’re even more perfect during the winter. It’s extra cold, and you need warm blankets.  You can personalize them by adding your logo or unique design.

When you use custom blankets as custom promotional items, you have many options. You can get a coral fleece blanket. This blanket is soft, fluffy and luxurious. It’s perfect for those cold winter days and nights.

If you want a blanket that’s rich in texture and soft to touch, you’ll love the Kanata Faux Leather Throw. You’ll appreciate its leather-look combined with the richness of soft faux fur.

Custom tote bags

custom printed bags

Custom tote bags are practical giveaways. During winter, your customers are at the grocery stores needing something to carry their groceries in for thanksgiving.

Just add your logo and your unique design, and voila. They’ll have something to use when they buy ham and hot chocolate for the winter gatherings.

Custom tumblers

personalised tumblers and drink bottles

Custom tumblers are always a stylish and useful giveaway during trade shows and events. People love to carry a warm drink during the winter like coffee, hot chocolate or plain old warm water. You can personalise stainless steel water bottles and plastic options. Then, you can design it with winter colours like blue or red. And then add your logo. Making custom tumblers is easy.

There are custom tumblers that are easy to carry. They also have a pull-up sipper. And they’re lightweight and durable. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll love the Aluminium Sports Bottle with Sipper. This custom tumbler will keep you hydrated even during your winter workout and training sessions.

Meanwhile, if you require a tumbler with an integrated cup, you’ll love the Double Walled Stainless Steel Flask in Faux Leather.

Custom mugs

Winter is the best season for hot chocolate and coffee. That’s why custom mugs are an all-time-hit. Add your logo, artwork, or photos. Now, they’re perfect and cost-effective gifts for your employees, partners and customers.

You can get a mug with a D shape handle like the Classic Ceramic Mug. This mug is also available in colours black, white and blue. You can also get a Conical Ceramic Mug. This conical profiled mug also has a D-shape handle. But, it has a white inner, and its outer is available in black, blue, orange, red and white.

Custom beanies

Custom beanies are the cutest custom promotional items for the winter. They’re fashionable and they’ll keep you warm in the snow. You can choose custom beanies with pom-poms on their top. You can choose those without. There are even those with extended features that could warm your ears.

Custom fleeces

This custom promotional item will give you comfort and warmth anywhere you go. Whether you’re hiking, walking to the convenience store, staying in the office or cleaning your yard, custom fleece jackets are perfect for you.

Custom fleeces come in a variety of features and designs. There are custom fleeces that keep you safe at night like the Hi-Vis Polar Fleece Lined Jacket With Reflective Tape. And there are those in vest designs like the Hi-Vis Polar Fleece Vest.  

Custom hoodies

Hoodies are great custom promotional items. They’re a really easy item to custom-make and you can make them say whatever you want. You could spell out the establishment’s name, or even put their phone number on there so people can call them if they want more information about the company. If you don’t have that much space, then consider putting a logo or the company’s colours on it instead.

Where to find promotional products for winter

Getting custom promotional items that are fit for the winter season is always important. It keeps your items relevant and practical, making them more likely to be used and appreciated. If you’re looking for winter personalised products Australia, visit our store or send us a message.