Australia is now in winter and are you still on a search for the perfect product to promote your brand? Custom umbrellas from PromoPromo can be the answer!

Marketing is highly significant in any form of business. Your clients are informed about the items or services you give them through marketing. It can improve sales, expand businesses, and engage customers in addition to raising brand awareness. However, you might be wondering, “How can I market my brand?” Well, thanks to PromoPromo, they can be the answer to your question. PromoPromo can market your business with their one-of-a-kind promotional products, which range from accessories, apparel, bags, headwear, workwear, sports, activewear, to lifestyle, school, and office items.

If you’re looking for practical promotional items for your customers, personalised umbrellas are a great choice. Umbrellas are handy all year long and it is ideal for communal outdoor gatherings, whether it’s a rainy or sunny season. Searching for a supplier of quality promotional umbrella? Contact us and we will provide you with a wide selection of fashionable, top-quality custom printed umbrellas.

Custom Umbrellas as Giveaways

People are enthralled by the prospect of receiving something for free. Marketers are taking advantage of this need for free things to spread the word about their products, attract new clients, and improve sales. A giveaway can sometimes get a business the attention it couldn’t afford to pay for through ads.

Furthermore, the umbrellas have a large surface area on which you may print anything you wish to promote your brands, such as your logo, contact information, tagline, or any other crucial details. You can also select your preferred color from the available selections. This does not, however, imply that you can simply purchase an umbrella and have your message written on it. Umbrellas come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. You must select one that precisely matches your marketing requirements. However, to give you a general idea, foldable custom umbrellas are ideal for client freebies because they are lightweight and convenient to use.


Here are some of the factors to consider before selecting an umbrella for a giveaway:


Everything you buy should be based on your budget. It enables you to make a plan for your money and ensures that you will always have adequate money for other necessities. It’s pointless to buy inexpensive umbrellas with fragile structures that don’t last long. Look for something that provides outstanding user protection and lasts a long time because it will undoubtedly improve your company’s image.


When selecting an umbrella, think about what the promotional umbrella will be used for. It can be given away during exhibits, as a thank-you present for sales, or even at athletic events. Small custom umbrellas are appropriate as gifts for purchases, whilst golf umbrellas are appropriate for sporting activities.


Umbrellas range in size from 30 to 100 inches in diameter and 6 to 9 feet in length. For personal umbrellas, regular-sized umbrellas are the best option. Umbrellas with a diameter of 50-70 inches are suitable for two to three persons. Golf umbrellas are also a popular choice for sports purposes. Consider the frame, canopy, ribs, and handle, as well as the rest of the umbrella.

Color scheme

Personalised umbrellas with the proper color combination on the canopy is the best for any promotional umbrella. do this. A promotional umbrella must be visually appealing in order to attract the attention of those who pass by. The canopy is the part of the structure that is printed and embellished with any design. The inside canopy, which can be printed or dyed, is the part of the umbrella that the user sees while it is open.

custom umbrellas

Customisation Process

We design eye-catching promotional printed umbrellas that are tailored to your brand. There are two ways to achieve the personalised umbrella that you want. The process of screen printing or the soft feel printing.

Screen Printing

This is the most common way to print custom umbrellas. This traditional method is extremely effective and durable. An image is passed through a stenciled “silk” screen to the umbrella surface by ink, which is treated with a light-sensitive emulsion.

To push the stencil on the umbrella, a squeegee is used. The image transmitted on a panel is shown when the screen is lifted away from the screen. This procedure is repeated one color per screen when multi-color prints are required.

The advantages of screen printing are:

  • Excellent color logo reproduction
  • Low-cost printing process
  • Low-cost origination


Soft Feel Printing

Soft Feel printing produces a fabric that is Pantone matched and allows for spectacular full panel graphics. Soft feel printing’s key benefits include an unlimited amount of colors, accurate reproduction of multi-colored logos, tonal images, and photographic designs. Ink is manufactured to exacting standards and put to coated paper through a screen to give some personalised umbrellas a soft feel. A hot roller passes both paper and fabric through, turning the ink into gas and staining the fabric panels. The cloth will not deteriorate in color if it is stained.


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