Custom promotional products or promotional products in general are practical tangible items branded with an advertiser’s name, logo, or message in order to raise customer brand recognition. Custom promotional products are a great marketing tool because they allow a company to interact with customers via their senses. They are one of the few forms of advertising that allow customers to interact with a brand on a tangible level, making them a more memorable brand experience.

90 percent of those who get custom promotional products remember the advertiser’s name. 80 percent of recipients do business with the product’s advertiser. They are liked by 81 percent of persons who receive them. They are effective and prove to be on the best investment an entrepreneur can risk on.


1. 90% of the people remember the advertiser from promotional products.

This can apply whether they are the person who received custom promotional products, or someone who saw it being used. Unlike billboards and social media advertisements, custom promotional products are not everywhere you look. It is subtly seen in places repetitively by people. A simple coffee mug is a great example. When someone brings the promotional coffee mug to his/her office, everyone sees the mug and the promoted business it has. While the mug is sitting on his desk, every co-worker, superior, friend, and really anyone who interacts with him/her and sees the mug on the desk is now at least vaguely familiar with your company and/or logo. This becomes effective when people see it repeatedly over a series of days or weeks.

2. The most effective form of advertising.

The reason why they are the most effective form of advertising is that they allow the brand to connect with consumers by engaging their senses, as well as connecting with them in a physical way. This is more direct and memorable than other traditional forms of marketing, which is why it is more effective in connecting with consumers. A great example would custom branded bags and custom made activewear. They are everyday items that are always seen and very much needed and are also popular no matter what trend is it on the bandwagon.

3. They contribute 75% to a campaign’s success.

They contribute significantly because it increases the visibility of your brand and also increases brand awareness, making your brand more recognizable to consumers. With smaller or local companies, they can also build a sense of community and grow brand loyalty with those who receive these products. People love receiving free items especially if they can use it, for sure they will be most likely to keep them.

4. 85% of the recipients do business with the advertiser on the product.

The most important thing to remember when investing in custom promotional products is to make business and they do! They become memorable and useful and results in business transactions 85% of the time. Yes, the aim for custom promotional products is build brand awareness and recognition but these are all irrelevant if advertising cannot result in actual business. Strategy is important here and if strategized properly will bring in profit. Your marketing and sales strategy’s end goal should always be to profit and keep your company running.

5. 80% of people like receiving promotional products.

Custom promotional products don’t go out of style! T-shirts can be washed and worn again and again just like cups can be washed and reused. Pens will most likely exist on someone’s desk for at least a year and will definitely be used. Who don’t like free stuff? Some promotional products are given for free that is why many people like them and many promotional products are usable as well. The most common products would be mugs, caps, fans, pens and the most recent ones are eco-friendly conference bags. If used strategically, it is a win-win for both consumers and business owners. They are always and often paired and ordered with water tumblers in bulk.

In a single word, MARKETABLE. It is one of the most original and successful methods of brand promotion. Diverse fashion senses necessitate different styles. Because of their versatility and convenience, custom promotional products have a high market value. With the quality supplied and your sharp sense of style, everything is possible to make something that is very similar to you. From promotional school bags to custom conference bags and more, custom promotional products offer creativity and a wide range of alternatives.

Here are the top 10 most popular products to customize to help your business:

  1. Custom Face Mask with Logo.
  2. Eco friendly conference bag
  3. Tech – Promotional USB Drives
  4. Promotional Outerwear
  5. Bulk tote bags
  6. Custom Printed T-Shirts
  7. Custom Promotional Drinkware
  8. Work From Home Products
  9. Custom Printed Hats and Headwear
  10. Promotional Hand Towels


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