Have you abandoned umbrellas as a marketing tool? Promotional umbrellas is one of the most underrated custom promotional products Australia available today. It is an unnoticed item. Let’s consider it anecdotally first, and then we’ll prove it with some statistics.

When was the last time you were soaked through? What came to mind initially, in that situation? Maybe, “drat, I left the umbrella at home! Then perhaps when you went to create a new bank account you remembered that custom promotional umbrellas you got the other week. This umbrella, which is conveniently stored in the car, rescues the day and your outfit, and you can’t help but think favorably of the company who provided it. That is the strength of a custom promotional umbrellas Australia. So let’s examine why they are so valuable before you dismiss them as a promotional item. Next, we’ll talk about 5 innovative ways for your promotional umbrellas to promote your brand.




Custom Printed for Healthcare

If your company or organization works in the healthcare sector, there are many chances to wow potential customers by giving them a custom-printed promotional umbrellas. There’s a good chance that many patients enter and exit your offices. Giving patients an umbrella to protect them from the rain as they leave your office is a wonderful way to demonstrate to them how much you value them. Aside from using them as displays in the waiting areas or for staff members to utilize as they assist patients to the car, medical facilities can also use them.


Custom Printed for Financial Institutions

Financial businesses that are aiming to impress high-budget clients include accounting firms and insurance corporations. At a reasonable cost, umbrellas can provide the high perceived value you’re looking for. The quality of an umbrella is cited by 57% of consumers as the main reason they keep it, according to an ASI survey. If you spend money on the correct kind of umbrella, people will think highly of and value your gift.


How, therefore, might a financial institution employ promotional umbrellas to pleasure its customers? Here are some suggestions:

  • Give these out as welcome presents to new clients or accounts.
  • Distribute them at sales meetings.
  • Use them as gifts at trade exhibits for your industry or online events.
  • Use them as a salesperson prospecting tool.

Once more, the most crucial factor to take into account while selecting custom printed promotional umbrellas for banking institutions is quality.


Custom Printed for Educational Institutions

Custom-printed promotional umbrellas Australia can make excellent giveaways or ideas for branded items for schools and institutions. Many people will use and appreciate the school’s branded umbrellas, from students strolling to class to campus athletic activities. For educational establishments, you might want to get personalized umbrellas in a range of colors and designs. Include school mascots and display the colors of your school. When giving out gifts during a fundraising event, engravings are also a big hit.

Here are a few suggestions for customized school umbrellas:

  • Volunteer gifts from parents or teachers
  • Class souvenirs for graduation
  • Fundraising activities for sports teams or booster clubs
  • Alumni activities

Stocking the school store is another smart move. Most students don’t remember their umbrellas, especially in colleges. The first day it rains, you’ll see that you fast sell out.


Custom Printed for Hospitality

The hospitality sector is concentrating on outside services at the moment. Hotels, restaurants, and event venues all over the world have had to figure out ways to better handle outside service as a result of the pandemic’s limits on indoor meetings and people’s caution and hesitance toward inside gatherings. Promotional umbrellas with custom printing may keep visitors comfortable while exhibiting brand value. And when it’s freezing outside? Promotional umbrellas can be used for a variety of other purposes.

For those working in the hospitality sector, consider these suggestions:

  • Guests’ gifts
  • Morale among employees or incentive schemes
  • Souvenirs from gift shops
  • Promotion of a certain event

Consider what you’ll use the umbrellas for when choosing promotional umbrellas for your hospitality business. The way you decide to brand them will then depend on that. You might mention the event’s date and time if you’re utilizing them to promote an event, for example. Consider the potential impact an “umbrella” advertising campaign before your event could have if each umbrella receives an average of 80 impressions per month.


Custom Printed for Sports Events

The sports sector spends a great deal of money. I’m not just referring to the professional leagues, though. According to Business Wire, with a $19.2 market share, the youth sports business actually approaches the $15 billion NFL market in size.

It is logical. Just recall the last time you attended a neighborhood sporting event. There were advertisements everywhere. But compared to standard banner ads or fliers, promotional goods have a significantly greater impact. A clever option to provide fans at sporting events with something practical that they can use again at home is with custom printed promotional umbrellas. Prospects will be grateful to you as an added bonus when it starts to rain during a game.

So what are some clever applications for promotional umbrellas in the sports world? Here are a few ideas:

  • Giveaways on game day
  • Bookshops in colleges or gift shops
  • Booster club escorts
  • Rewards for raffles during sporting events

Umbrellas with custom graphics may be fantastic giveaways for business tournaments like golf. Again, tournament participants will appreciate the fact that they can take it home and use it again the next time they hit the green. They will also wow event attendees by being both an amazing and practical giveaway item.

What are you waiting for? Get your own promotional umbrellas now!