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We Provide Effective Hand Sanitiser Gel Bulk

We at PromoPromo provide FDA-approved hand sanitisers that are not just effective but are also available in reasonable rates. Each of our sanitisers are printed with the full ingredient information on the bottle itself so that our customers know what goes into each product. In addition, you can order in bulk and add your company’s logo in the bottle itself. This can be a good advertisement for your company.

Best Hand Sanitiser Australia

We have the best hand sanitiser here in Australia. Each bottle has a clear, refreshing, lightly fragranced gel that sanitises skin without water. The product also contains vitamin E and aloe vera.

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Perfect As Promotional Items

You can add your client’s logo on the sanitiser bottle, which is a great marketing strategy. It has full ingredient information printed on one side of the tube and plenty of room for branding on the other.

Quality Hand Sanitisers Wholesale

Each of our products are conveniently packed in a tube and equipped with a no mess flip cap. They are also available in multiple sizes, so you can definitely find one that fits your needs. Order in bulk now!

FDA-Approved Hand Gel Sanitiser

Our sanitisers are FDA approved, so rest assured that they are safe and effective. It kills 99.9% of germs and the clear, refreshing, lightly fragranced gel sanitises skin without water,  with moisturising vitamin E and aloe vera.

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How To Properly Use Hand Sanitiser Australia

Germs and other bacteria are everywhere. They can get onto your hands and things, which can lead to sickness and other diseases if the items are not cleaned properly. And this is where sanitizers come in.

PromoPromo’s sanitisers are composed of 75% alcohol, which is more than the recommended 60% content. Alcohol-based hand sanitisers work well with removing germs in hands and other items, so it is definitely recommended to have one on your bags or pockets at all times.

PromoPromo is one of the best suppliers of environmentally friendly sanitisers at competitive rates. We have a team of skilled members that are always happy to assist you with your orders, so contact us today.

With those things in mind, let us learn some of the proper ways of using eco-friendly sanitisers and discover why it is important to have one in our person at all times:

1. Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitiser Gel

CDC recommends using an alcohol-based sanitiser that contains at least 60% alcohol. PromoPromo’s sanitising products have 75% alcohol, which is more than what the CDC recommends.

2. Coat Your Palms and Fingers

When you do not have immediate access to soap and water, having hand sanitizers is the next best thing to wash your hands. Thoroughly cover your palm and fingers with the sanitizing gel to effectively remove all germs.

3. Choose The Best Hand Sanitiser

The first thing that you need to consider is selecting the best hand sanitiser there is. Some products are not compliant with the standards and use questionable ingredients for their sanitising gels. PromoPromo’s sanitisers are FDA approved, so we guarantee our clients that they can get their money’s worth.

Now that we have determined some of the benefits and proper ways of using a hand gel sanitiser, feel free to connect with us and let us get started on your order.


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