There are wide varieties of promotional products right now in the market and personalised tumblers and drink bottles are making headlines. Promotional products are best used when it aligns with the current trends and since everybody are joining the movement of reducing single use plastics and being health conscious by drinking the appropriate amount of water everyday these personalised tumblers and drink bottles are in and in demand.


1. Keeps you healthy, happy, and hydrated

As the new generation are more health conscious today, everyone is obsessed with being able to find ways to achieve that no matter how small it may be, and it starts with drinking water. These personalised tumblers and drink bottles provide the best solution to that as it comes in different size and shape and can be customized into whatever you want. It is very handy so carrying them is no burden. It keeps you healthy, happy and hydrated without making so much effort.

2. Generate revenue by selling the bottles to customers

Since everybody wants to be unique yet still into the trends, everyone wants something that separates them from the others. By selling them or taking in personalized orders, this is a great avenue to generate revenue especially if there are corporate events or an entrepreneur fair in your area. With it being unique, it would definitely turn heads and ultimately sales.

3. A great way to make people remember you

Since it can be carried around, your exposure is greatly increased unlike mugs. Seeing your company logo every time someone drinks or bring it to the gym, office, coffee shop or literally anywhere will make a lot of people remember you. It is like free advertisement for you and your company. Personalised tumblers and drink bottles are like walking billboards or pamphlets.

4. Keeps people healthier than soda or coffee

It is not bad drinking soda or coffee but some think that when you drink soda or coffee you are hydrated and drinking water is optional. It could not be more fallacious as coffee, soda or other beverages are not alternatives for water. Having personalised tumblers and drink bottles will keep you from buying these unnecessary and excessive beverages because you have something with you that will keep you hydrated. It keeps you healthier and you can save a lot more money from refraining buying coffee or soda.

5. Great for social responsibility marketing or environmental conservation marketing

Owning customized tumblers means reducing buying single use plastic water bottles which is a great option especially that everyone is environmentally conscious and will do anything to reduce and mitigate climate change no matter how small the contribution is.

6. Perfect for events like marathons or music festivals

When there are big events the most expensive thing to buy or to look for is food and beverage. Personalised tumblers and drink bottles will help you reduce your expenditure and the risk of getting dehydrated when you are in events like this. The last thing you want out of a fun experience is a bad one.

7. Helps with branding

When we think of branding, we usually think of jackets, mugs, caps, interviews and other ways that will surely make an impact but these personalized drink bottles greatly affect your branding and exposure at the same time. Investing on personalised tumblers and drink bottles makes a difference.


Companies can’t live without personalised tumblers and drink bottles as a promotional item. They have a variety of company branding options and are simple to transport.

Personalised tumblers and drink bottles are a must-have promotional item for any businesses since they provide so many chances for branding, such as imprinting your logo, corporate colors, or products on the bottle. Not only that, but it’s also simply portable for folks on the road and may be used to start a conversation about your company.

Giving free water bottles is a good method to remind people to remain hydrated. It emphasizes the significance of drinking plenty of water on a daily basis. Customers can fill it with iced tea or juice in addition to water, making it a healthy alternative to energy drinks and soda.

It has a two-in-one function: it comes with a cup that allows consumers to easily drink their beverage. The cup can also be used as a lid to prevent spills. Customers appreciate high-utility items like these water bottles. They are more likely to buy products that have valuable promotional materials.

Personalised tumblers and drink bottles are one of the most popular items. First, they are economical, and second, they are easily accessible. To begin with, it does not necessitate a significant financial commitment. Your personalised tumblers and drink bottles may be manufactured in whatever style and design you choose in no time. And because they are so lightweight, they can be simply transported to any location without causing any damage.

Any product that is more affordable and accessible is certain to attract a larger number of customers. As we all know, the more clients you can attract, the better for your business. As a result, adopting these items as a marketing strategy will provide you more exposure than other traditional business marketing models.


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